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Head’s Up

From time to time we all face dead ends, defeats or disappointments. When something ends suddenly and tragically or slowly and painfully we can hit a horrible wall. We’re often left with a heart shattered in a thousand pieces. Hopes are smashed and dreams crash against the hard rocks of life. Our future appears to be consumed by fires of misfortune or failure. We stare at a pile of ashes that reminds us of what used to be.

What do you do in times like this? How do you get hold of hope again when there’s no outward reason to have it?

When you’re drowning in darkness the best thing to do is to look up to the light. It’s to force yourself to do something called “hoping against hope.” This means that, even though there’s no apparent reason to hope, you’re choosing to hope anyhow!

You can have hope when there’s no external reason for it by taking hold of God. When you’re holding on to Him, you’re holding on to hope! He is hope! Where He is, there is hope!

Because He’s present, the power and possibility of help, healing, restoration and resurrection are present! God, the Creator, can take your ugly ashes and fashion something beautiful from them! Nothing’s too hard for Him!

So “head’s up!” What looks like your final chapter isn’t the end of your book after all. Good things are coming. Keep looking up!

Pastor Dale