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6 Things To Do When God Blesses You

| 1 min read |

All of us pray for blessings, but are we prepared for them when they come? Do we really know what to do when we’re blessed in some way by God? What is the right way to respond when God blesses us?

Here are six things we need to do:

  • When blessed, make sure to give God all the glory and praise.
  • When blessed, record the miracle in some way. Don’t forget what He has done for you!
  • When blessed, commit yourself to God in a deeper way.
  • When blessed, tell others about the goodness and love of God.
  • When blessed, grow your trust and confidence in God’s faithfulness.
  • When blessed, share your blessings with others—become a channel of blessing to others. Paul reminded us of this in 2 Corinthians 9:11 (LB) “Yes, God will give you much so that you can give away much, and when we take your gifts to those who need them they will break out into thanksgiving and praise to God for your help.”

Are you in a good life season? Remember, God has blessed you so that you can be a blessing!

Pastor Dale