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Time flies!” Life is a fast-paced event. The older I get the more it seems that years pass like months, months like days, days like hours, hours like minutes, and minutes like seconds.

What makes it worse is the speed at which we live life. With the convenience, and often the curse of mobile technology, we’re always on. Email, text messages, phone calls (yes, some people actually use their phones for phone calls!), follow us everywhere. Turning off and tuning out our devices seems like a cardinal sin. We’re addicted! If you don’t believe it, just do a little people-watching. Folks are technologically tethered. We call it “being connected.” But strangely, and ironically, the “connected” way of life often disconnects us from the people around us, and even from ourselves. All of this “noise” frequently drowns out the still, small voice of God in our hearts.

The demands, busyness and “connectedness” of life take a toll on us; physically, mentally, emotionally and most significantly, spiritually. Our bodies and minds out-pace our spirits. To be healthy and strong, we must purposely slow down, embrace spiritual pauses, and give ourselves time to reflect and refuel; spirit, soul and body.

God reminds us of this need to slow down, to quiet down –– to take time and remember who He is and what life in Him is all about:

“Be still and know that I am God …” ––  Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

The Hebrew term for be still” means to get alone; to withdraw; to relax; to cease and desist from striving; to let go.” You get the point. God is saying, “Withdraw from your busyness and give Me some time and space to work in your spirit. Relax in My presence and know who I am. Disconnect from all distractions and reconnect with Me!”

Plan wise disconnections in your life, and then make the right connections for greater health and strength!

Pastor Dale