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Do The Prep Work

| 1:24 MIN READ |

If you’ve ever done any home remodeling, you know it eventually involves some painting. You want your renovated room to pop with newness. Applying your carefully chosen paint is one of the final things you do before the big reveal!

But a good and lasting paint job requires something a lot less exciting. You must do the prep work, and do it well. The drywall has to be smoothly sanded. The nail holes have to be properly patched. The proper primer has to be applied and dried. Only then are you ready for the glamorous finish!

It’s also true in life. The quality of a person’s life is determined, in large part, by the depth of someone’s preparation. Putting time into building character, gaining experience, increasing wisdom, practicing faithfulness, and disciplining desires, all contribute to a quality reveal.

When it came time for the second king of Israel to be appointed, God sent the prophet Samuel to the home of Jesse in Bethlehem. Why? Because there was a young man in the family who was prepared for the moment. His name was David. Although he would not become king for a number of years, he had already gotten God’s attention because of his prep work. David was ready for his anointing.

There are times we feel we’re waiting on God to do something significant for us, when in reality, God is waiting on us to get prepared. When you’re ready, God’s ready. Do your prep work!

Pastor Dale