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Don’t Diet

| 1:15 MIN READ |

We’ve all heard statistics addressing the epidemic of obesity. I recently read an article describing the crisis. According to the author, studies reveal that 70% of Americans are overweight! A staggering stat.

The usual response to dealing with extra pounds is a diet. You’ve got the paleo, the keto, the Mediterranean, the low-carb, the intermittent fasting, the South Beach, the North Beach, the no beach…! Diets, diets, diets!

While most of us could benefit from a diet plan, there’s one part of your life that should never be placed on a diet. There’s an area in your life where the more you eat, the better you’ll be — your spiritual life.

While our waistlines are too frequently expanding, our hearts are shrinking — malnourished and emaciated. Our spirits need to be fed. Our souls need to be fat.

Your spiritual life is sustained and grows through faith, and faith has to be fed for it to grow! Look at what Paul, the apostle, said about this in Romans 10:17 (NKJV) “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

The more you read, reflect on and apply God’s Word, specifically His promises, the stronger your spirit will be, and the bigger your faith will grow. When it comes to your spiritual life, don’t diet!

Pastor Dale