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Empowering Grace

| 1:13 min read |

God’s plan for our lives involves much more than getting us to heaven. He wants to teach us how to live a strong and successful life here on earth. He wants us to have the power to accomplish His purposes.

The Bible tells us that God’s grace is a source of strength and power. Look at 2 Timothy 2:1 (TEV), “As for you, my son, be strong through the grace that is ours in union with Christ Jesus.” In Jesus we discover and experience empowering grace. The same grace that saves, heals, restores and protects us also gives us the power to be whole and holy.

God’s grace changes us from sinners to saints—from people who, by nature, do what is wrong, to people who do what is right! How does this happen?

When we come to know Jesus Christ, His power comes into our lives. He begins to change the affections of our heart. By His grace, we begin to love things we never loved before, and we begin to hate the bad things we used to love.

His power is greater than the power of sin, and it gives us the strength we need to resist temptation. In our own strength we are powerless, but because of the grace of God, we have supernatural strength to handle our weaknesses, overcome them and become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Dale