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Gentle Answer

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This week we’re talking about a very important topic — our relationships. There is nothing that can cause more joy or pain in your life than your relationships. God cares about the quality of your relationships. The Bible is a relationship book. It not only teaches us about how to have a relationship with God, it also shows us how to relate to other people.

The greatest blessing in any relationship is peace. When conflicts stop and peace reigns, good things can happen. Trust grows and communication improves. To create peace in a relationship there are certain wisdom principles you must apply. One is found in Proverbs 15:1 (TLB) “A gentle answer turns away wrath [anger], but harsh words cause quarrels.”

What is your response when you’re confronted with someone’s angry words? Do you add fuel to the fire, or do you respond softly and kindly? Your choice in the face of someone’s anger is either “gasoline” or “water.” You make things better or worse. Choose to make things better. Promote peace.

Pastor Dale