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Get Ready for the New

It's my prayer that God would do some incredible miracles in your life in 2013. God's miracles often start with our commitments. As we say “good-bye” to 2012 and “hello” 2013, what new commitments do you need to make? How can you get ready for the new?

If 2013 is going to be a great year:

  • What old attitudes need to go and what new attitudes need to be developed?
  • What changes do you need to make in your relationships? Hanging out with the wrong people will never get you to the right places!
  • What spiritual habits do you need to improve or start? Decide to make church a key part of your life. Get to know God better by spending more time with Him, in His Word, in His presence and with His people.
  • What life habits do you need to change? Are there things you're doing and places you're frequenting that are counter-productive to who and what God wants you to be? What steps will you take to address these?
  • What do you need to do to improve your health? Do you need to start an exercise program? Do you need a physical exam? Do you need to make some changes in your diet? What steps will you take to become a healthier person this year?
  • How will you make better use of your time this year? Your time is your life. Invest your time wisely and you get a better life. Waste time and you waste your life.

Here's a New Year prayer for you:

Dear Lord, I pray for each person reading these words. I thank you for them and for the plans you have for their life. I thank you for the ways you want to bless them, grow them and work through them in 2013. Give each one the wisdom and will to make the new commitments they need to make. Prepare them for your best this year. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Dale

BTW, join us at Church of the Redeemer for one of our New Year's Eve services @ 9 or 11 pm. Also, be a part of our New Year message series “Turning Point.” It begins this coming weekend, January 5, 6. For more information on service times, campuses or directions visit