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Almost everybody knows the classic Bible story about David and Goliath, recorded in 1 Samuel 17. This chapter describes a time when Israel's army was challenged by the Philistines.

Goliath, the giant Philistine champion, stopped Israel's army. For 40 days Goliath loomed over Israel's warriors, paralyzing them in fear. A “big man with a big mouth” had taken control of God's people. No one was willing to fight the giant. All of Israel's soldiers were emotionally locked down, living in retreat. A giant dominated their lives and threatened their future.

The picture of Israel's army in this pitiful state is one that hits close to home. If we could see inside each other — if we could know what's really going on in heads and hearts — we would see people all around us who are frozen, paralyzed, intimidated, living under the control of a “giant” — some kind of a giant. And if we're honest with ourselves, we'd see a few giants that are controlling us too.

Every time we build up enough courage, fortitude, guts, faith to go after our giant, he roars out in his intimidating voice, with his giant-sized spirit, breathing out his hateful, demonic, vile threats. We're paralyzed.

Our giants tell us there's no way to conquer them. We're told that we'll be a victim, a captive — prey — for the rest of our lives. They tell us that we should never dream of victory. They want us to submit to their domination and control. They push us into a corner and demand that we live there — in a restricted place and limited space. These giants slowly drain our hope and faith, our passion, our resolve to fight. Before long we're totally convinced that what the giant says is true. We're done.

The beauty of this Bible story is that it doesn't end in defeat. It ends with an incredible victory. What everyone thought couldn't happen, HAPPENED! The giant was confronted and conquered. The thing that no one thought was possible became possible because of one man's willingness to step up and address this big bully.

A young man named David not only stepped onto a battlefield that day, but onto the stage of history and showed us that there are battles that, although big, are worth fighting. David taught us that our size, our weapons, our limitations don't matter when we're fighting the right battles, because Almighty God fights for people who trust in Him. He fights for people who are willing to confront the evil, dark, intimidating forces that have paralyzed them.

Beginning the weekend of March 2, 3 we'll be looking at some of the giants that wrongfully dominate us, and how to overcome them, in a message series called GIGANTIC.

The first giant we'll investigate is the giant called “soul pain.” Many people are carrying deep pain in their soul that dominates much of their lives much of the time. God has answers that will help you confront and conquer the pain in your soul.

Don't miss out on this important series. And bring someone with you. Your invitation can help a hurting person find and experience God's healing grace!

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I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Pastor Dale