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Good and Broken

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You’ve met them before. Perhaps you’ve even been that person. I am talking about the person who refuses to change their thinking, despite the facts. It’s the one knowingly stuck in their destructive ways, yet unwilling to do anything about it. We use an adjective for folks like this — stubborn! It’s a highly negative character flaw that guarantees bad decisions.

Stubbornness is the child of pride. It’s birthed in the absence of humility. It’s the opposite of Jesus’ nature. Look at Jesus’ description of Himself in Matthew 11:29 (NIV) “…I am gentle and humble in heart…”

Note the combination of two words Jesus used, “gentle and humble.” Both these words are important to understand if we want to be like Him. Humility refers to a lack of pretense and self-promotion. A humble person isn’t trying to impress or be something they’re not. Gentleness refers to power under control. In Ancient Greek it was used to describe an animal that had been “broken,” or domesticated; no longer wild and unusable. The humble person is submitted and able to be directed.

Gentleness and humility are a dynamic duo in the spiritual life. They position you to attract God’s grace and power. They make you teachable, guidable, and useful to God. It’s a good kind of brokenness!

How about you? Are you broken, in a good way?

Pastor Dale