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In 1965 The Beatles released a song, written by John Lennon named Help! The song became super popular. The lyrics resonated with one of the needs we all have—the need for help from others. Here’s part of what Lennon wrote:

“Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone …

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down
And I do appreciate you being ‘round
Help me get my feet back on the ground
Won’t you please, please help me?”

There are times in life when we need help — support. One of the characteristics of a good friend is their willingness and ability to help. It’s been said that a real friend is someone who comes in when everyone else walks out. That’s support!

While we need support, we also need to learn how to give it. What does supporting someone look like?

We support people by:

• Being present in times of trouble and need.

• Listening in ways that are positive, productive and helpful.

• Praying with and for them.

• Showing loyalty.

• Being gracious and forgiving.

• Encouraging.

• Believing in them and God’s plan for their lives.

• Giving guidance and input when it’s welcomed and wanted.

You can make a big difference in someone’s life by developing your support skills. Who do you need to come beside today with support? Be a helper.

Pastor Dale