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helpI suppose that most folks feel the need for help at some point in life, if not regularly. I know I do.

There’s hardly a day that I don’t have a question, face a situation, confront a problem, feel stressed by some burden, or experience the ache of a pressing need that is beyond me. Some days my prayers are very simple, short and urgent, “Help God!”

One of the great things about God is His availability and willingness to help people. As amazing as it is to imagine, God identifies Himself as a people-helper. He really cares about our problems and predicaments. He genuinely wants to help us. The pages of the Bible are filled with stories of God helping regular, ordinary people.

Accessing God’s assistance isn’t complex. There are some simple, but essential things that help us get God’s help. Let’s look at a few of these:

1.  Ask for God’s help.

“Asking” precedes “receiving.” Many times we don’t get the help we need because we never specifically asked God for it.

Ask God for the help you need. Take your troubles, challenges, questions, pressures and confusion to God in prayer.

2.  Believe that God loves you and wants to help you.

This is called faith. Faith believes BEFORE it sees! Faith says, “I believe God can and will help me!”

3.  Have the passion and patience to persist.

Impatience is a big problem for most of us. We want to tell God how to help us, and when to help us. And, of course, the when is now!

Never forget that God’s help is generated out of His love and wisdom. His solutions, answers and interventions may be different from what we wanted or expected, but they will always be better than anything we could have imagined. He always knows best.

God’s response may also seem delayed. Delays are not denials or dismissals. They are delays! Wait patiently and persistently. Wait wisely, trusting that God is working in ways that will ultimately be for your good, and for His glory.

4.  Be prepared to listen and learn.

What we often need isn’t a miraculous intervention as much as a deeper education. Sometimes the greatest and most gracious thing God can do to help you isn’t to fix your problem, but to teach you how to fix it.

God is an educator, a trainer, a coach. Don’t expect all of God’s help to come in the form of a miracle. Many times He helps you by teaching you His principles. Listen and learn.

5.  Be willing to obey.

Obedience to God solves most of our problems. God has already helped you by giving you an instruction manual for life. It’s called the Bible.

Use it to solve your problems, answer you questions, relieve your stress, and guide your decisions. Let the Bible become your go to ”Help Desk!”

Remember, God is your Helper. Go to Him confidently and sincerely, and expect Him to help you!

Pastor Dale