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How to Be Humble

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I’m sure you’ve met arrogant people during the course of your life. There’s nothing quite as repulsive as encountering someone who’s totally impressed with themselves and their “accomplishments.” The name-dropping, boasting, and sense of self-importance create a nauseating stench around such a soul. They may even mask their pride with “humble brags,” trying to appear non-conceited. The problem with “humble brags” is that they lack the reality of the adjective in the phrase—humble! It’s still simply a “brag!”

Arrogance, pride, and self-conceit are not only disgusting to us, they’re disgusting to God too. Look at what Scripture says about this in James 4:6 (NLT) “… God opposes the proud but favors the humble.”

This verse alone should motivate us to develop humility. To develop it, we must first define it.

What are the characteristics of a humble person:

  • They know they need God.
  • They know they need others.
  • They’re teachable.
  • They’re listeners.
  • They’re flexible and adjustable.
  • They celebrate the successes of others.
  • They’re servant-hearted.
  • They’re sensitive and responsive to God’s correction.

Humility is an interesting quality. Thinking you have it is usually a sign that you don’t! Truly humble people are humble people. They’re not “trying” to be humble, it’s a part of who they are, and God honors it with His favor!

Pastor Dale