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How to Get More Time

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Are you feeling stressed out by the busyness of life? Is the pressure of having lots to do, and too little time to do it, weighing on you?

One of the most precious things we have is time. It can’t be accumulated. Once it comes, it goes, and there’re no getting it back. Every day there are many things grabbing for your time and attention.

There’s only one way to get more time. It’s to use time more effectively. It’s not that we become 24/7 workhorses, it’s that we become better time stewards. It’s that we learn to use our time in more purposeful ways.

To live in a purposeful way is to live by preset priorities rather than by spur of the moment decisions. It means that you think about and know what’s most important to you. It means that you establish a life plan and a daily schedule that reflects your predetermined commitments.

Why is living this way so important? Because it’s living on purpose. It’s the only way to make your time and life really count. It’s taking charge of your life in a good way, instead of allowing life to take charge of you.

Jesus taught us about the power of determining life priorities and living by them in Luke 12:34 (TLB) “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be.”

Jesus reminded us that what you treasure, what you determine is worthwhile, valuable, important and of high priority, will determine what you invest your resources into. He was teaching us that right priorities should lead our lives.

How about you? Is your time drained by whatever pressing things come along, by constant urgent demands on it, or are you living by predetermined priorities? To gain more time, put your time to good use. Live on purpose!

Pastor Dale