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How To Pray For Your Family

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A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer: How To Pray For Your Family

Families are the spiritual and emotional incubators of life. So much of who we are and what we become is determined by what goes on in our families. Healthy families generally produce healthy people.

One of the keys to a healthy family is the presence and power of God. God loves families and wants to work in them and through them to advance His work in the world. He wants to be a part of our families.

To be part of our families, God must be invited into our families. One of the ways we do this is through prayer. When we pray for family members the right way, we are creating conditions for God to work.

What is the right way to pray for our family members? Here are some suggestions:

● Pray for yourself first. Pray that you would be a positive influence of love and godliness to your family. If your life doesn’t demonstrate Jesus, your prayers for others will be hindered.

● Pray with love. Effective prayers are motivated by love, not anger, resentment, hatred or revenge. Your attitudes toward family members will determine how you pray for them—either in a loving way or in a condemning way.

● Pray specifically for your family members. Call their names and needs out to God in prayer.

● Pray consistently and persistently for your family members. While random, occasional prayers are powerful, consistency in prayer is even more effective.

● Pray God’s promises over your family members. Pray for their salvation, their growth in Jesus Christ and in God’s Word, for the discovery of God’s will and for the flourishing of their lives according to God’s plans and purposes.

● Add “hands and feet” to your prayers. Speak words of encouragement, blessings, and life for the members of your family. Let your prayers for them change the way you relate to them.

As a husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin, or in-law, you are called to add strength and value to your family. Prayer is one way you make a difference!

Pastor Dale