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Improving Your Memory

| 1:26 MIN READ |

It happened to me recently. Someone asked me the name of a person I know well, and for a few seconds, I blanked! I couldn’t remember at the moment someone I knew well.

It’s probably happened to you too. If not in your natural world, perhaps in your spiritual world. In a trying moment, when you needed to respond to a situation the right way, you responded the wrong way. You forgot the principles and practices you knew to be true and right.

All of us have the tendency to forget the things we need to remember and remember the things we need to forget. We easily lose focus of spiritual truths when in the heat of battle.

The psalm writer described this in Psalm 106:21 (NIV) “They forgot the God who saved them, who had done great things in Egypt.”

This verse refers to the failed memory of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land. Instead of actively recalling their past history with God, and finding comfort and hope for their present challenges, they did what we often do. They forgot. Their memory lapse led to grumbling, complaining and a number of other destructive choices. Their failed memory sentenced them to forty years of drifting from their destiny.

What about you? How’s your spiritual memory? It’s wise to improve it. Remembering what we need to remember when we need to remember it, prevents unnecessary problems, pain and delays in our journey!

Pastor Dale