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Like Me

| 1:16 MIN READ |

And boy, do we like the likes! They’re addicting. It’s true. I read the summary of a research study comparing likes on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds to highly addictive substances such as cocaine. Every like you see on your media page stimulates the release of a shot of dopamine, also known as the pleasure hormone. It’s the same hormone release associated with certain “recreational” drugs. We get hooked on the likes and the biological pleasure shots that come with them.

To add to this interesting phenomenon called social media, we now have a new definition of an old word—friend. It used to be that you had to be acquainted with someone to be their friend. Not any more. You can be friends with thousands of people without actually knowing a single one of them personally!

Am I on the warpath against social media? Certainly not. I’m just pointing something out. Friendships and likes have been diluted in today’s culture because of it. We need a true “friend and like” revival!

Remember, a friend isn’t a label or a like. Friendship is a relationship. It’s demonstrated by your commitment to others. It’s based on caring, serving, sharing, and growing together.

Let’s break the like addiction and discover what real friendship is all about!

Pastor Dale