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More Than Enough

| 1:36 MIN READ |

There are two ways to think about life resources. Some live with a scarcity mindset. This way of thinking considers available resources as finite and limited. This means, if you get something good, I get less, or vice versa. It creates a competitive world, based in comparison and envy.

Other people live with an abundance mentality. Folks like this see resources as expansive and unlimited. There’s something good for everybody. What you get doesn’t affect what I get, and vice versa. This way of thinking creates atmospheres of generosity, sharing, and joy.

To understand the right way to think about resources, we need to start with knowing God’s nature. Which word better describes God, scarcity or abundance? Easy peasy! Abundance! God lacks nothing and doesn’t treat His children miserly. He is a generous God and heaven is a place overflowing with every resource you’ll ever need!

Do you remember the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000? There are many lessons for us in this message. One is the abundant and generous nature of God. After receiving the loaves and fish from the young boy in the crowd, Jesus miraculously multiplied them, fed 5,000 men, plus a whole lot of ladies and children. The record is very clear about the abundant provision of resources supplied by God. Look at these words in Mark 6:42-44 (TLB) “And the crowd ate until they could hold no more! There were about 5,000 men there for that meal, and afterward, twelve basketfuls of scraps were picked up off the grass!”

Do you have a scarcity or abundance mindset? Remember who God is!

Pastor Dale