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One Day …

One day I'll …. ” You've said this before haven't you? It's called a “good intention.” A “good intention” is what we say we want to be or do, but aren't ready to commit effort and energy to now. It projects into the future a kind of “miracle moment” when we'll finally get down to business and fulfill some hope, aspiration or goal.

The problem with “one day” thinking is that, more times than not that day never comes. It's often a way we delay doing the work that needs to be done today. It's a way we let ourselves off the hook for taking action now.

One day” thinking is a symptom of a common human problem called procrastination. Procrastination is a self-imposed postponement of difficult choices and steps. We tell ourselves that we'll eventually “get around to” these things, but usually they go on unattended and unaddressed. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux is attributed with the familiar statement, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Procrastination has robbed lots of people of lots of things, including the destiny of their eternal souls.

The best lives are built by proactivity. Regrets are the fruit of procrastination. At the end of your life you'll celebrate the positive actions you've taken, and painfully grieve the “one day's” that never came.

Get busy being positive and productive. Take the steps now to become the person God wants you to be. Get active doing work that matters. Don't put off the truly valuable things in life. Grow, give, serve, love! And most importantly, live wholly and completely for God! Let your “one day” be today!

Pastor Dale