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O – is for Ownership

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Focus is an important key to life. Many people fail in life, or certainly miss their highest and best potential, all because of a lack of focus.

This week we’re focusing on “focus!” Each day this week I’m providing you a key description of one aspect of focus and the benefits it brings to us. We’ll be using an acronym for the 5 points.

What is focus all about? First is about force. Focus is what gives force or power to your life. Second, focus is about OWNERSHIP. Ownership is owning the responsibility for your life, your decisions, your growth and your future. It involves letting go of the victim mindset, the entitlement mindset, the “poor me” mindset and the helplessness mindset and setting a course for life that’s responsible. Owning life is being responsible for your life. It is not letting the past hang over your present and future. It is a “no excuses” approach to living.

You cannot focus on improving your life, your relationship with God or others without ownership. Focus says, “I’m owning my responsibilities to grow, learn, change, develop, mature, and move forward. I know God is going to help me, as I choose to do my part.”

Peter the apostle called us to focus on spiritual ownership in 2 Peter 3:18 (NIV) “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…” Note the emphasis is on the implied pronoun; “You take the responsibility—the ownership—to grow!”

Focus won’t work without ownership!

Pastor Dale