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Pray it and Say it!

| 1:21 MIN READ |

What you pray about and talk about reveals a lot about you. If it’s important or concerning to you, you’ll likely talk to God and others about it.

Hopefully, one of your greatest concerns is the kind of life you are living and the kind of house you are building. I’m not talking about a physical house, but your spiritual house. We need God’s help to live the life, He wants us to live, and to build the spiritual house He wants us to build. Prayer is the way we find and connect to His help.

We have a lot more confidence in prayer when we’re sure we’re praying the right way. When we pray God’s Word, we pray the right way!

Over the years I have learned, and continue to learn the power of praying the words of Scripture over my life and household. I’ve learned that these kinds of prayers allow me to pray with deeper faith and conviction. And when praying them, they often become more than a request for God to do something. They become a proclamation of confidence, declaring that God will do what His Word says He’ll do!

How do you do this? Start by searching the Bible passages and promises that reflect the core of your heart for your house. Use them as your prayers. Read them out loud, to God. But don’t just pray the verses, say them — proclaim them — as God’s promises to you and your household, trusting God to do all He said He will do!

Pastor Dale