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Life is either lived by principles or by emotions.

Some people base their actions, attitudes, and decisions on feelings. They put their trust in their instincts, intuitions, and moods. While these things can occasionally serve us adequately, they’re not highly reliable. They’re fickle, unstable, and unpredictable. They ever-changing. They are subject to distortion, misunderstanding, and self-deception. Our feelings can quickly and easily lead us astray.

A better way to live is by principles. A principle is a rule for living—better yet, it’s God’s rules for living. When we learn and live according to the right spiritual, moral, and relational life principles, we’re following a reliable set of directions. Right directions help us make right decisions.

When we accept God’s principles as our rules for living, life choices get much simpler, and life priorities become much clearer. That’s why King David recorded these words in Psalm 119:16 (NLT) “I will delight in your decrees [principles], and not forget your Word.” Your life will get better as you do the same!

Pastor Dale