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Repaired and Restored

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Occasionally I enjoy watching television programs showing the restoration of old cars. The storyline is predictable. An old car is found in a barn somewhere, purchased by someone with a vision for its restoration, and shipped to a garage, where the work begins.

In most cases, there is a twofold process needed to produce the glorious end result the new owner wants. First, there is the repair work. Second, there is the restoration work.

The repair work involves straightening frames, replacing metal destroyed by rust, overhauling the engine, and a variety of other projects. Once essential repairs are done, the restoration work begins. Old parts are brought back to life. Interiors are upholstered, and original paint colors are applied. The end result is an antique car looking like it just came from the showroom.

God does similar work in our lives. He finds us in our deteriorated condition. He rescues us from dead-end spiritual places. He begins the process of repairing and restoring us.

David writes about the joy he experienced when he thought about this restorative work of God in Psalm 14:7 (NLT) ”Who will come from Mount Zion to rescue Israel? When the Lord restores his people, Jacob will shout with joy and Israel will rejoice.”

Think about it. God is repairing you and restoring you! It’s a reason to rejoice!

Pastor Dale