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Say “No!”

No” is a good word. If used it at the right times it can protect you from lots of pain and problems.

We're reminded of the value of a well-timed “no” from the Old Testament story of a young man named Joseph. After being betrayed by a group of jealous brothers and sold into slavery, Joseph found himself in Egypt. By providence, Joseph ended up serving a highly placed official in the Egyptian military named Potiphar. Joseph managed Potiphar's assets and activities so effectively that he was put in charge of all this man possessed.

Things were going great for Joseph until Potiphar's wife tried to seduce him. Joseph faced an intense moral test. He could say “yes” to Mrs. Potiphar and do what his flesh wanted to do, or he could say “no” to his urges and do what was right, knowing that this lady would likely hate him for it.

What did Joseph do?

… Joseph refused … — Genesis 39:8

The Hebrew word for “refused” used here is a strong one. It literally means “to reject; to disobey.

In the moment of temptation, Joseph’s character shined with a strong, firm “NO!” This well-timed “no” was one of the pivotal points in Joseph's life. Had he said “yes” instead of “no,” his story would probably not be in the Bible, or it certainly would be a very different one. Joseph's future — his destiny — was in large part set by his decision to say “no” at the right time — in the moment of his moral testing and temptation.

What about you? What do you need to say “no” to in your life? What test or temptation is demanding a “yes” from you while wisdom whispers a “no” in your soul?

Go ahead. Say “no” to the things you need to say “no” to. Your destiny depends on it!

Pastor Dale