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What are some of the benefits of stress?

Yes, it’s true, not all stress is bad. Some stress in life is good for us. It makes us sharper, more focused and energized. It helps us learn, grow and change. It develops strength of character and stronger spiritual, mental and emotional roots. Good stress helps people excel.

If we spend our time running from all stress, we’re actually running from something that can make our lives better. We’re fleeing from one of the things God designed for our health and increase. We’re failing to build inner muscles of spirit and soul that will not only improve our lives but will also allow us to become more useful to God and others.

Before you see stress and an enemy, see it first as a friend. Find out what you can learn from the difficult moments in life. Let them stretch you and grow you. Don’t run! Dig in, hold on and pray through. Persevere! James the apostle said it this way in James 1:4 (NIV) “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Pastor Dale