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S – is for Success

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Focus is an important key to life. Many people fail in life, or certainly, miss their highest and best potential, all because of a lack of focus.

This week we’re focusing on “focus!” Each day this week I’m providing you a key description of one aspect of focus and the benefits it brings to us. We’ll be using an acronym for the 5 points.

What is focus all about? First, it’s about force. Focus is what gives force or power to your life. Second, focus is about ownership. Ownership is owning the responsibility for your life, your decisions, your growth and your future.

Thirdly, focus is about clarity. When something is brought into focus it becomes sharper, clearer, more well-defined.

Fourthly, focus is about unity. Focus requires alignment of all of our being toward something—spirit, soul, heart, mind and body. It’s about being “all in” to whatever is a priority in life.

The fifth element of focus is SUCCESS. The goal of focus is success, victory, accomplish, overcoming, advancing—genuinely succeeding in your areas of focus.

To stay focused you must keep the end in mind and in sight. You must envision the end goal, while still pursuing it. Whatever objective you’re focusing on, see yourself succeeding, conquering, overcoming and finishing strong! Use your eyes of faith to look into the future and claim victory. See yourself getting to the end and receiving the crown. Decide that you’re not going to quit until the battle is won and breakthrough comes!

The apostle Paul lived this way. Listen to what he wrote to Timothy near the end of his life in 2 Timothy 4:7, 8 (NLT) “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful. And now the prize awaits me—the crown of righteousness, which the Lord the righteous Judge, will give me on the day of His return. And the prize is not just for me but for all who eagerly look forward to His appearing.”

To stay focused, keep your eyes on winning. Keep your eyes on victory and success in your pursuits!

To summarize, focus is all about:
F — Force.
O — Ownership.
C — Clarity.
U — Unity.
S — Success.

Pastor Dale