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Who are you? This question goes beyond superficial interest in your name or job. When someone really gets to know you, they know something about you — the real you. They understand your personality, your character, your values, and your nature.

The same is true with God. To say that we know Him is to affirm that we’ve learned something about who He is. We’ve experienced His nature. We’ve encountered His character. We’ve learned something about His values.

One of the key qualities of God is His unmatched, incredible power. He is the supernatural God — the God of miracles. Supernatural means, above and beyond the natural. Natural is what normally happens based on the ordinary laws of nature and life. But God isn’t constrained by the natural. He created the natural, and can certainly override it whenever He wills.

Why is this important to us? When we know God and live in relationship with Him, His supernatural power is available to us too. This means that whatever your problems or challenges are in the natural circumstances of your life, there’s One who can step in and do miracles. This is part of the purpose of prayer. Prayer is inviting the supernatural God to bring His power to bear on the natural course of human impossibilities.

Remember the words of the psalm-writer, David in Psalms 17:6 (NIV) “I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.”

Pastor Dale