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Take Charge of Your Passion

| 1:24 MIN READ |

What’s the one thing you most enjoy? What’s the one thing you think about most often? What’s the one thing you’re willing to sacrifice other things to have or do?

All of these questions point to your passion. Everybody has it. Passion is a deep inner drive and desire for something. It’s that “thing” that gives you great pleasure and fulfillment. It’s usually connected to your work or your hobbies.

Passion energizes us. Passion focuses us. Passion inspires us. Passion affects our priorities and pursuits—positively or negatively. Disciplined passion for the right things is a great asset in life. Undisciplined or wrong-directed passion can wreak havoc on relationships and bring pain and ruin in someone’s life. The good news is this; passion is changeable and developable. You can get rid of a destructive passion and grow a healthy one.

Among all the things we can be passionate about, one thing is most positive and fulfilling. It’s the choice to develop a passion for God.

How does this happen? David, the biblical songwriter, told us how in Psalm 34:8 (NLT) “Taste and see that the Lord is good … “ This is the secret to developing a passion for God. The more you pursue Him, the more passion you’ll have for Him! As you taste His goodness, your appetite for Him increases!

Take charge of your passion. Among everything you’re passionate about, make sure God is first!

Pastor Dale