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The Blame Game

| 1:15 MIN READ |

“It’s not my fault!” How many times is this phrase spoken every day, if not in words, in thought?

While there are lots of things that go wrong in life that are not our responsibility, or breakdowns we’re not the cause of, the “it’s not my fault” mentality frequently gets in the way of our learning and growing.

At the beginning of human history, one of the first indicators things had gone wrong between Adam, Eve and God was this very thing. After the first couple sinned, neither of them was willing to accept responsibility for the failure. Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent. Blame was flowing freely! I have sometimes wondered what might have happened if both of them had only come clean with God at that moment, instead of playing the blame game?

The problem with the blame game is that we learn nothing when we play it. Even when we’re not at fault for problems, there’s always wisdom to gain from them. Accepting the responsibility to learn lessons, even when we’re not at fault, is a sign of maturity and internal security. Blaming pushes wisdom away from us. Humility attracts wisdom to us.

What about you? Are you a blamer or a learner? Blamers never learn, and learners never waste time and opportunities blaming. Be a learner!

Pastor Dale