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The Path To Peace – Part 2

| 1:14 min read |

Some people have a negative view of God. They perceive Him as a “cosmic killjoy”—a kind of grumpy old man in heaven, looking for ways to make us guilty, and our lives miserable.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. God is not interested in killing your joy, He’s all about helping you find and live in it. He’s all about showing you a path to peace that goes beyond anything good you’ve ever imagined. He’s committed to being with you in the toughest and roughest of times, strengthening, comforting and sustaining you. He’s good—totally good—always good—good good!

One of the ways God guides us into His peace is through the principles and commands of His Word. God’s instructions about life are designed to help us discover the best way to live life. His Word gives us wisdom that leads to a life of peace.

Take a look at what the psalm writer wrote about this in Psalm 119:165 (TPT) “There is such a great peace and well-being that comes to the lovers of your word, and they will never be offended.”

Think about it. Loving and living by God’s Word doesn’t restrict our life and joy, it expands and enlarges it. The path to peace is found in the pages of God’s Word, knowing what He says, and living by what He says!

Pastor Dale