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The Point of Prayer

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What’s the point of prayer? Why pray?

One of the subtle enemies of faith is cynicism. The cynic has a skeptical view of life. Most often, because of hurts or disappointments, a cynic has stopped expecting positive things from life or others.

Cynics also have a hard time with prayer. Their response to the call to pray is “what’s the point?” They don’t believe that it matters. They don’t believe that prayer makes a difference.

Prayer does have a point. Prayer actually works. The Bible is filled with stories about answered prayer. It also contains lots of specific instructions and promises about prayer. Many people in our world have great stories of answered prayer.

Prayer is simply talking to God. When we pray, God responds. He answers, acts, works, and engages with us. He helps us by giving us miraculous breakthroughs or by providing us the wisdom and grace to walk through our problems.

The psalm writer reminded us of the power of prayer in Psalm 65:5 (NIV) “You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds, God our Savior…” He was completely convinced that prayer had a point. It resulted in heavenly activity on his behalf.

We need the same strong confidence and conviction. We can approach prayer realizing that it has a point. We believe that God listens, He acts, and He answers. Our simple appeals to God releases resources from heaven and connects us with power that is beyond us. When we pray, we can be sure that, whether it’s a breakthrough or a walkthrough, God will help us get through whatever we’re facing!

Pastor Dale