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There’s Work For You Too!

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“I need a miracle!” I’ve heard this many times as a pastor. What usually follows is a description of a predicament or problem that defies human solutions or resolutions. It’s a cry for God’s help to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

Let me go on record, I believe in miracles. I believe God hears and answers prayer. I believe God invites us to present our impossible situations to Him, trusting Him to do what we can’t do.

I also believe we have a part to play in experiencing a miracle. There’s often work for us to do too. There are actions we need to take that position us for God’s supernatural power and positive intervention in our impossible situations.

Here’s a story illustrating this point. During the days of Elisha the prophet, we are told about a lady whose husband died, leaving her in great debt. Her sons were about to be enslaved to pay the bills she owed.

After telling Elisha about her situation, Elisha does something interesting. Look at the story in 2 Kings 4:2-6 (TLB) “‘What shall I do?’ Elisha asked. ‘How much food do you have in the house?’ ‘Nothing at all, except a jar of olive oil,’ she replied. ‘Then borrow many pots and pans from your friends and neighbors!’ He instructed. ‘Go into your house with your sons and shut the door behind you. Then pour olive oil from your jar into the pots and pans, setting them aside as they are filled!’ So she did … Soon every container was full to the brim.” After reporting this to Elisha, Elisha told her to sell the oil, pay all her bills and then live on the money left! It was a true miracle.

But the miracle, as great as it was, wouldn’t have happened without this lady doing her part! She did what she was told to do, and God did what only He could do!

When it comes to miracles, there’s work for you too. Do your part, and God will do His part!

Pastor Dale