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We Need Rest

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There is no doubt we are living in a stressed out world. The inevitability of stress does not mean we are powerless in the face of it. A key to having a handle on stress is learning how to rest.

God created us in such a way that we function best in a state or condition of rest. Rest from a biblical perspective, is not determined or created by external circumstances but by our internal condition.

In Psalm 23:2 (NIV), David described the rest the Great Shepherd provides for us as his sheep, “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.” David knew that freedom from stress required being directed by the Shepherd to a place of rest.

As we go through a time when things are changing daily, invite the Lord to lead you to a place of rest. Our Good Shepherd knows where to guide you. He can help you find rest in Him.

Pastor Dale