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When Everything is Said and Done…

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We live in a world of words. Practically everyone has something to say, a message to share, and an agenda to promote. Social media and the online world are saturated with ideas, comments, opinions, and the like. It’s easier than ever to have a voice. All too often the positive results of all these words are hard to measure. Sadly, they sometimes do more harm than good.

Years ago, I heard and fell in love with a short phrase that describes how I want to live my life. Perhaps in our world of words, it’s a good mantra to adopt. The statement—When all is said and done, may more be done than said!

This statement zeros in on a tendency we all have. To talk bigger than we walk! Although we might say that actions speak louder than words, we live as though our words speak louder than our actions.

Jesus addressed this issue in us. After giving the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus made this statement in Luke 10:36, 37 (NLT) “‘Now which of these three would you say was a neighbor to the man attacked by bandits?’ Jesus asked. The man replied, ‘The one who showed him mercy.’ Then Jesus said, ‘Yes, now go and do the same.’”

Notice that Jesus didn’t say “Go and talk about mercy.” He said, “Go and do the same.” The key word is “do!” Take action. It’s as though Jesus said, “Stop talking so much about your theological ideas, go and do things that show others God’s love.”

When everything is said and done, may more be done than said! What good will you do today that will speak louder than anything you might say?

Pastor Dale