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A Bright Future

Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “From now on, this month will be the first and most important of the entire year …” — Exodus 12:1, 2 (TLB) 

These verses begin the story of the Jewish Passover. God’s plan was to deliver the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. Pharaoh had consistently resisted Moses’ appeal to let God’s people go, so the Egyptian ruler and his people would experience one final plague — the death of the firstborns.

God had a plan to protect His people when this horrible event happened. They were instructed to slaughter a lamb and paint the doorposts of their homes with its blood. The death of the lamb and the covering of its blood would ensure that the death angel would not touch them, or anyone under the roof of the blood-secured families. Following that dark night of judgment, God promised that the Israelites would be free. The blood of the lamb would pave the way for their exit out of Egypt.

This exodus marked a new beginning for them. God basically said, “This is going to be the first month of your new year! It’s going to be a brand new beginning for you — a fresh start that will take you to a bright future!”

a bright furuteJust as the blood of lambs protected and delivered the Israelites in Egypt, and through the blood God gave His people the promise of a new and better future, Jesus Christ came as the ultimately Lamb of God for all who will put their faith in Him. On the Cross, Jesus shed His blood for you. His blood brings many great benefits. One blessing of Jesus’ blood is the promise of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a bright future. You can leave the mistakes of yesterday behind and begin again, free and forgiven!

When you put your faith in Jesus, and in the power of His blood, you can be sure that God has you and your future in His hands. You don’t need to spend time and energy worrying about your tomorrows. Live faithfully under the covering of Jesus’ blood today, confident that God’s got you and your tomorrows under control. Your future is bright because of Jesus’ blood!

Pastor Dale