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Don’t Stop Growing

Most people I’ve encountered express a desire to grow in life—spiritually,

mentally, emotionally, relationally, and professionally. It’s a rare person who’s happy just the way they are. However, translating the desire to grow into reality is quite a different matter.

Why? Because growth is hard. Growth requires changing long-set habits and patterns. Growth involves deeper levels of honesty with ourselves and, more importantly, with God. Growth is the result of painful, intentional effort.

Growth also requires another thing—perhaps the most important thing—humility! And humility strikes at the core of one of our biggest enemies: pride.

The Bible clearly describes humility as a prerequisite for growth. Note the kind of person who’s a candidate for God’s education, coaching, training, and development:

Psalms 25:9 (ERV) He teaches his ways to humble people….

Humility is required if we want to be students in God’s university and actually learn from Him.

What is humility?

  • Humility is a quality of mind and heart.
  • Humility is a healthy attitude of lowliness and felt need.
  • Humility is a hunger to come under instruction and tutelage.
  • Humility heightens our attentiveness—our willingness to listen and learn.
  • Humility recognizes and acknowledges personal sin, weakness, ignorance, and foolishness, prompting a passionate desire to be different, better, holier, and stronger.

Only when humility is present are we ready to become a true student. Only then are we teachable. Someone once said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”

The opposite of humility is pride.

Pride is described in the Bible as the original sin. It’s interesting to note the English spelling of “pride” and “sin.” In each of these words, “I” sits in the middle! Nuff said!

Want to grow? It’s going to require some work, for sure. But the most important requirement is humility. God loves it when He sees it, and when He sees it, He immediately enrolls you in His school!