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A Peace Plan

| 1:38 MIN READ |

Conflicts are a sad reality in our world. It seems that everywhere you turn there’s anger, strife, and division. All this contention robs people of joy and productivity. War always wreaks havoc and makes people poorer, weaker, and bitter.

One of the worst types of strife is what happens in human hearts. The inner affliction of worry, fear, and despair is robbing many of productivity and making them poorer, weaker and bitter.

The solution to conflict is peace. Experiencing peace in a strife-infested environment requires an effective peace plan. Peace has to be pursued. It’s true for warring nations, antagonistic groups, distanced former friends, and anxious souls. The psalm writer reminded us of this in Psalm 34:14 (NIV) “…seek peace and pursue it.”

This pursuit of peace should start inside us. You can’t bring peace unless you have peace. We need a plan that will get us there. Here are some steps we can take to experience more personal peace:

P = Put your faith in Jesus Christ — the Prince of Peace. He’s the only true source of peace.

E = Explore the promises of God’s Word. He has personal promises for you.

A = Align your thinking and words with God’s promises. Believe them, reflect on them, and declare them over your life.

C = Take control of your mind. Arrest thoughts that do not align with God’s promises.

E = Extend yourself in service to others. It’s hard to worry when you are thinking about, loving and serving others.

This plan is not a magic formula. It’s an ongoing process that will produce more peace in your life. And when it’s in you, you can share it with others.

Pastor Dale