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How to Be Respected

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One of the greatest gifts you will ever give someone is respect. It is important for us to treat everyone respectfully. No one likes to be disrespected.

Jesus spoke of this kind of attitude and approach in our relationships. He taught us what is often referred to as, “the Golden Rule.” It’s recorded in Matthew 7:12 (NIV) “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…”

While we’re responsible to treat others with respect, we’re not guaranteed that everyone else will always treat us respectfully. To expect to always be respected is unrealistic, and a certain pathway to anger and frustration. The best we can do is to live in a respectable way. We should do our best to remove obstacles in our character and behavior that rob us of respect from others.

What are some qualities that make you a better candidate for respect? Kindness, sincere convictions held firmly and communicated graciously; fulfilling your promises and honoring your commitments, demonstrating excellence and high standards for yourself, being punctual, owning mistakes, valuing people and serving others. When these actions and attitudes consistently characterize you, you’re more likely to be respected.

Why is respect important? Because respect leads to influence and impact. Respected people become leaders. They are empowered by their reputation, to make a positive difference in the world.

Respect others, and live a respectful life!

Pastor Dale