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Are You Sure?

While the Bible contains instructions, commands and principles of wisdom, it’s also filled with promises. In many ways the Bible is a promise book from God to us. There are great promises of salvation, provision, help, deliverance, healing, strength and blessings.

One example is found in God’s word to His people when they were facing very threatening and uncertain times:

Say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you.” — Isaiah 35:4 (NLT)

God promised to come to aid His people who were in trouble. This promise would have been cruel if it were not true.

Think about the implications of a misleading or unfulfilled promise. How bad it is for someone to promise to help a person who needs it, and then not deliver on the promise. How cruel it is to promise to come to someone’s aid who is in trouble with no plans to do so. Intentionally giving false promises or willfully reneging on a promise given are very callous acts.

But God is not like this. When He promises something it’s because He’s decided and determined that He will do it. His promises are more sure and solid than any promise from the most honest and integrity-filled person. If God says He’s coming, we can count on Him showing up. If God says He’s going to fight a battle for us, we can count on Him winning. If God says He’s going to provide for us, we can know that whatever we need will be there for us when we need it. When God gives us a promise it’s absolutely trustworthy. We can be certain that it’s a sure and reliable word we can rest in.

One of the great blessings and benefits of a true promise is knowing the end of something before the actual end happens. It’s what we hold on to in a present, distressful circumstance. It sustains us and gives us the hope we need to keep going. When we receive God’s promise, we claim and hold on to “in the now” what God said will be “in our future.” When we add our faith to a good promise of God we experience inner rest and peace. Instead of living in the uncertainty of what we see in the moment, we live in the certainty of what God said will be. God’s promises give us a sureness of spirit and soul that settles us in life’s storms and carry us forward to the great things He’s planned for us!

Get into the Bible and discover God’s promises for your life. And believe them. He will not disappoint you!

Pastor Dale