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Attention Please!

| 1:49 MIN READ |

Are you easily distracted? The world we live in is a distracting place. Sights, sounds, and appeals constantly vie for attention. Our focus shifts easily and regularly. Poor attention often keeps us from the most important things in life.

At its bottom line, attention is actually a choice. We choose who and what we give focus to. Improving our life starts with improving our focus.

Of all the persons and things calling for your attention, there is One that is most important to respond to — God. Everything in life gets better when God has our attention. The greatest days in your life begin when you respond to God’s call to attention.

Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet, learned this lesson. For years he and the nation of Judah focused on and appreciated the rule of King Uzziah. This king did lots of good things for this small country. Then things changed. The admired king, the one many put their trust in to protect Judah and keep it prosperous, died. Isaiah described the subsequent events in Isaiah 6:1 (NIV) “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord…”

Isaiah’s attention may have been too focused on King Uzziah. When the king died, Isaiah’s attention was redirected. God got Isaiah’s attention, and wonderful things happened because of it. His life was purified by God, and his calling was confirmed by God. Isaiah’s life turned in a new direction.

What has your attention? Are you focused on your own needs, problems, pains, and pursuits? Are you trying hard to get the approval of others? Are you caught up in getting more and more things, while missing the most important thing, your relationship with God? What has your attention?

Hear God’s voice calling you today — “Your attention, please!” When God gets your attention, your life will always change for the better!

Pastor Dale