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Attitudes That Lift You Above Your Limits

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Human history has left a record of men and women, in both the limelight and obscurity, who made their world a better place! The Bible tells about two of these history changers –– Mordecai and Esther. They were used by God to rescue the Jews from destruction at a critical time in history. You can read their story in the Old Testament book of Esther.

What enabled these two people to change their world? They had the right attitudes. Instead of sulking, blaming, resenting, hating or self-destructing, they did something positive with their lives. Although they were in a very difficult environment and were limited by their background and heritage, their attitudes lifted them above their limits.

We all face adversities from our past, and challenges in our present. These can make or break us. They can destroy or develop us. They can make us sad and sour, or shape and strengthen us. We choose. Mordecai and Esther’s response to their situations made them history changers!

How do we turn our failures, frustration, and limitations into spiritual fertilizer? Make a decision to stop sulking, blaming, resenting, hating and self-destructing. Make the most of your lot in life. Believe that God will transform your pain into something positive, to help and bless others. Change your attitude. Develop the attitudes that lift you above your limits!

Pastor Dale