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“I do!”  “I will!”  “I promise!”  What do these three statements have in common?  They are all declarations of commitment.

What is a commitment?

Commitment is the beginning point of action.   Good intentions become good actions when the ingredient called commitment is added.

Commitment is essential for success in all kinds of things in life.   Great marriages require commitment.  Being a good parent involves commitment.   Business, educational and professional success never happen without making and keeping the right commitments.   Enduring, rewarding friendships are built by commitment.  Commitment is also necessary for spiritual growth.

How do we know how committed we really are to God?

The depth of our spiritual commitments is measured by what we do and how we live.  It is measured by our actions.

In the Gospel of Matthew (see Matthew 4:19, 20), there is a great story that helps us understand the transformational power of commitment.   Jesus was walking along the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee one day when He noticed 2 fishermen; Peter and his brother, Andrew.  These fellows had been introduced to Jesus earlier, but had not yet chosen to follow Him as disciples.   They had not made a personal commitment to Jesus.

That day Jesus issued to them a clear, direct call, “Come follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men!” There was no doubt about what Jesus was looking for from them — a full, “no looking back” kind of commitment.

While Jesus saw incredible spiritual potential in these men, their potential would go undeveloped until they committed themselves to Him.  Knowing about Him was not enough.  For them to spiritually progress a commitment was required.

Peter and Andrew “got it.” Without an ounce of hesitation they dropped their fishing nets and committed!  That day was their “all in” day.  They proved their commitment to Jesus by their actions.

This commitment was the key to their spiritual development.   All that they later became in God and did for the Kingdom of God was traceable to this critcal moment of commitment.   Their actions that day positively and eternally changed their lives!

Most, if not all, of our spiritual growth and development is hindered by one basic thing — lack of commitment.  Just as Peter and Andrew’s lives would have gone unaltered had they refused to respond to Jesus’ call, so our lives drag on unchanged when we refuse or delay making the “all in” commitment to Jesus.  Like these 2 men, many of us are one key commitment away from spiritual greatness.

How about you?  Is a lack of commitment holding you back?  Go ahead, commit your all to Jesus.   You will not regret it!

Pastor Dale