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extraordinaryThis is baseball season. I’m not sure if you’re a fan or have a favorite team, or even follow the sport at all, but there’s a lesson I learned recently from some baseball stats that might encourage you. It’s about what it take to move from being an average batter to a superstar hitter.

The source of this statistic reported that an average batter in Major League Baseball gets about 270 hits per 1,000 times at bat. How many hits do you think the superstar hitters get?

Approximately 320 per 1,000 times at bat!  The difference is only 50 more hits out of 1,000 attempts!

But the numbers get even more interesting. Generally a MLB player has about 500 times at bat each season. This means that the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary batter is actually 25 hits! To move from an ordinary batter to a super duper hitter, the focus is simple, hit the ball 25 more times throughout the 162 games of the season. It’s not a lot more, but the little more is what separates the good from the great. This brings meaning to the familiar definition of “extraordinary” –– simply adding some “extra” to the “ordinary!”

It’s true in every realm of life. Here’s the beautiful reality: small but significant improvements in the right areas, extra effort given to the right things, a bit more focus on key goals, a little more time given to praying, studying, planning, thinking, serving, giving or doing; these “extras” set you apart from the average. And who wants to be average!?!

How can you increase your “batting average?” How can you improve in the important areas of your life? Pay attention to the little “extras!”

Pastor Dale