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Getting Ready For Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?  This week I was asked this question.  Although I knew what the person meant, I also was reminded of what the idea of “getting ready for Christmas” means to most people.  It translates into “getting all your Christmas shopping done.”

While I enjoy giving and getting Christmas gifts, I also understand that Christmas is much more than this.  It’s a time to focus our attention on an amazing miracle, an indescribable expression of love.  Christmas is about God sending His Son, Jesus, into our world.  The eternal Son of God, without losing His divinity, became human.  He lived on earth and showed us what God is like.  Ultimately Jesus accepted the responsibility and received the punishment for all our sins through His crucifixion.  He proved that He was God’s Son by His resurrection.

Christmas is all about Christ — Jesus Christ — who He is and what He has done for us.

Don’t miss the “for us” phrase.  All that Jesus is and all that Jesus did through His life, death and resurrection is for us — for you and me!

The prophet Isaiah reminded us of this:

For TO US a child is born, TO US a son is given …  —  Isaiah 9:6

During this season, we’re taking time at Church of the Redeemer to unpack some the beauty of the gift of Jesus Christ in our weekend message series “Unto Us.” Join us this weekend as we look at the help Jesus brings to us when we put our faith in Him.

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Don’t miss this weekend, and bring a friend with you!

Pastor Dale