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About 10 days ago, while lending a hand getting our facilities ready for our United Pastors Network gathering, I unfortunately fell from a ladder.  The result was a broken shoulder, a broken wrist, a broken thumb, a lacerated thumb and two badly bruised heels.  (Sorry to be so graphic, but I know a few of you love details!)

What have I learned from this experience?  I have certainly developed a deeper respect for ladders!

I have also developed a deeper gratitude for supportive, loving people in my life.  Starting with my wife, I am grateful for her amazing and patient care.  I am thankful for the rest of my family, who have been so helpful during this time.

I am also thankful for the cards, the messages of love and support, and all the kind offers of assistance that have come from our congregation and friends.  Last, but certainly not least, I am appreciative for all the prayers of so many.

I have once again been reminded that God’s people are the greatest people on earth!

Pastor Dale

BTW, I am on the mend and hope to be back to full strength and activity in the not-too-distant future!