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Growing Grit

There are many hard experiences in life. They test us. Tough times reveal our commitments, our faith, and our true grit.

Grit is an interesting word. It speaks of firmness, fortitude; an indomitable spirit. Grit is one of the most important qualities we can develop. It’s the difference between giving up and growing up. When challenging seasons come our way, grit keeps us grounded.

The writer of Proverbs described what happens when we don’t have, or have little of, this important spiritual resource:

Proverbs 24:10 (NIV)  If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!

Proverbs 24:10 (NLT)  If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small.

Proverbs 24:10 (NCV)  If you give up when trouble comes, it shows that you are weak.

When grit is weak or absent we falter, fail or give up when tests come our way. Pressure reveals the reality of our inner condition — strong or weak.

growing gritOne of God’s goals for our lives is to grow our grit. It’s vital to victory, and it’s an essential mark of maturity. It’s also necessary for ministry. To be used by God in greater ways, grit has to grow.

The prophet Jeremiah found himself in a very tough, challenging life season. He was feeling frustrated and weak. After pouring out his heart to God, the Lord responded to Jeremiah with these words:

Jeremiah 12:5 (NCV)  If you get tired while racing against people, how can you race against horses? If you stumble in a country that is safe, what will you do in the thick thornbushes along the Jordan River?

God was talking to Jeremiah about growing his grit. Jeremiah was concerned about a foot race, but God wanted Jeremiah to prepare for a horse race! Jeremiah’s grit needed to grow! It’s likely that ours does too!

Pastor Dale