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Growing Up

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What do you want to be when you grow up? Most kids are asked this question. Answers range from doctor to fireman to sports champion. Growing up is usually associated with what people do as adults rather than what people are as adults.

Growing up is not about graduating from school and getting a job. There are many people who daily operate in the adult world but are still kids spiritually and emotionally. They have never grown up internally. They still pout when they don’t get their way. They bicker with people around them. They’re jealous of what others have and get. Their internal world is controlled by impulsiveness or by bitter, angry, vengeful emotions. Bottom line, they are physical adults on the outside but still childish on the inside.

Growing up on the inside is God’s plan for your life. The more mature you become spiritually and emotionally, the better relationships you’ll have and the better decisions you’ll make. Mature people have good judgment. They have learned the value of self-control. Their lives are not dictated by their feelings. They own responsibility for their actions and attitudes.

Growing up is a choice. Paul, the apostle, talked about the decision he made to grow up. Look at his words in 1 Corinthians 13:11 (TPT) “When I was a child, I spoke about childish matters, I saw things like a child and reasoned like a child. But the day came when I matured, and I set aside my childish ways.”

One of the most important days in your life is the day you decide to grow up. While maturity is a process that takes time, it starts with a decision to be done with childishness. Let today be that day for you!

Pastor Dale