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Healing Grace Part 2

| 1:18 min read |

How do we experience God’s healing grace? It’s one thing to theoretically believe in healing, and another to believe that healing can happen in your life. We’ll never reach out to receive God’s healing grace unless we truly believe that Jesus made healing possible.

Through the ministry of Jesus, it’s clear that He welcomed all who came to Him for healing. Take a look at Matthew’s description in Matthew 15:30 (NLT), “A vast crowd brought Him the lame, blind, crippled, mute, and many others with physical difficulties, and they laid them before Jesus. And He healed them all.”

How does God heal us? God heals people:

  • Sovereignly — He just shows up and heals!
  • Through His Word — We are healed as we take in God’s Word. His Word is life and health to us.
  • In response to prayer — Many of Jesus’ healing works during His ministry was His response to someone’s request.
  • Instantly — Sometimes God’s healing comes miraculously; in a moment.
  • Progressively — Jesus heals people progressively over time.
  • Ultimately in eternity — Because we live in a broken world, not all ailments are fully healed in this life. For the believer in Jesus Christ, there is total healing in eternity!

When you come to God in need of healing He responds with compassion and touches you with His healing grace!

Pastor Dale