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Healing Your Hurts

| 1:17 min read |

When was the last time your feelings were hurt by someone? Maybe it was a curse word, a harsh look or bad behavior by someone, but the result was pain—heart pain. We feel wounded on the inside. And the more we think about the situation the more intense our emotions become.

What do you do when you’ve been hurt by the words, actions or attitudes of someone? How do you get past it and move forward?

There’s a story in the Bible of a man who was deeply hurt by something that happened in his family. His name is Absalom, one of King David’s sons. Absalom was wounded by the actions of his half-brother, Amon, against his sister, Tamar. Amnon took advantage of Tamar, and unfortunately, David did nothing about it.

The hurt Absalom felt grew into strong anger toward his half-brother and father. He eventually had Amon killed and rebelled against his dad. The hurt Absalom felt ended up ruining his life. Although others were at fault, Absalom’s decision to hate instead of heal cost him everything. It destroyed his destiny! You can read the entire story in 2 Samuel 13-17.

What about you? Are you holding on to something someone did or said to you? Will you let anger and bitterness destroy your life? The choice is ours—continue to hurt or decide to heal!

Pastor Dale