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Getting ready for anything is a process. It involves preparing for what’s about to happen. It involves thinking ahead and getting things in place for whatever is anticipated.

The psalm writer David spoke of the importance of spiritual readiness. He described what God does to prepare us for life’s seasons, challenges and experiences. Look at what he wrote in Psalm 18:32 (NIV) “It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”

David declared that God “armed” him. God girded, equipped and readied him for both the opportunities and potential difficulties he faced. God gave David the strength, power, and ability that made him bold and secure, even when he was surrounded with insecure situations. Because of this, David was confident that nothing could or would defeat or destroy him.

This promise wasn’t just for David, it’s for you too. God is the One who is working in your life, getting you ready, arming you with strength, power, and ability. His presence and activity in your life should give you confidence, courage, and security to face and overcome any challenge with your head held high, knowing that you’re a winner, you’re a conqueror, you’re an overcomer—victory is yours. Claim this promise in your life today!

Pastor Dale